This index.html file is only temporary, while the major edits are taking place and to facilitate testing by the author. It is possible that for a brief period, both the old and new websites will be active. Feel free to look around if you can catch it. Eventually, there will be only one web site here; the new one. The new web site will have all the old files and many new ones available on it but the organization will be quite different. The different areas of the web site will have their own pages. These pages will load more quickly because each one will be smaller that the single large page that is currently in use.
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Old Index for Physics - on TVS Network This is the only working version of index.html at this time. This is your only option, for now! It still has all the files and links that you may have been using.
Old Index With some Lesson Revisions - on TVS Network This is a transitional file where the bulk of the work in progress is being carried out. This revised file will be broken down into smaller files to be accessed by the new menu in the new index.html file.
New Index for Physics - on TVS Network Still working on this one. Eventually, this will be the default index.html file. All the old files, and some new ones, and some new versions of the old ones will be accessible through the new menu in this new index.html file when it becomes available.
The following options are for the author only and are only available on his laptop.
Old Index for Physics - on Laptop
Old Index With some Lesson Revisions - on Laptop
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