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From the class of 1991: John Murrin Pritchett jr. From the class of 1992: Glynnis Robbins Farmwald and family. Megan Flowers Skeels at Olympic trials.
From the class of 1993: Michelle Ogle Lobpries and family. Class of 1995: Dylan Pritchett.
preparing for the LSAT in June.
Helen Pine McPherson
and husband, Devin, had their second daughter, Charlotte
Anne, on February 7.
Darcy Labovitz Miller
and her
husband, Steve, welcomed their second baby, Samantha,
on May 13, 2011.
Kelly Saunders Sheppard
and her
husband, Ryan, celebrated the birth of their first daughter,
Audrey Lee, on February 16.
Kristen Borg
has had a name change! “I
married my husband Bryan Ferrant on September 17,
2011 at Lakeway Resort on Lake Travis outside of Austin.
I will graduate in December with an MBA from TCU, and
am greatly looking forward to having my evenings back!”
Congrats to this couple!
Liam Campbell
is currently
teaching 11th- and 12th-grade English and Geography at
Boren Sino-Canadian School in Jiangmen City, China. He
will teach at least one more year. He has had wonderful
opportunities to see such places as Vietnam, Cambodia,
Thailand and Malaysia, and he plans to make the trek
through Tibet to Mt. Everest base camp sometime before his
time in China ends.
Olivia Cosby
resigned from her job
and relocated from Washington, DC to travel throughout
New Zealand for three months. Some highlights included
completing a great walk with her sister and skydiving! Aside
from travel, she volunteered for the organization, WWOOF
(willing workers on organic farms.) Opportunities included
living with kiwi families while working on avocado and fruit
orchards, as well as small scale organic farms with many
animals. Olivia thoroughly enjoyed her time away, but
has since returned. She hopes to get involved in the 2012
elections and possibly relocate to Austin in the future.
graduated from Yale Law School in 2010, and
then spent a year in Des Moines, Iowa, clerking for Judge
Steven M. Colloton of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the
Eighth Circuit. He is now living in Washington, D.C., and
working as a prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice.
Mike Isaac
remains hard at work as a staff writer at Wired
Magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he writes
both magazine pieces as well as daily news stories covering
technology companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter for
the Web site He's currently living in Berkeley with
his girlfriend and two awesome dogs, Crumpet and Bagel.
Robley Evans Sicard
lives in Fort Worth and works as
an associate attorney at Griffith, Jay & Michel, L.L.P. She
handles cases in civil litigation, family law, and appeals.
Her husband, Brad Sicard, is a civil engineer with Jacobs
Engineering Group and works in land development.
Shea Kinser
is working on her master's degree
in English at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
Patrick Sheets
is finishing up his second year at South
Texas College of Law in Houston. He interned in the legal
department for the Tampa Bay Lightning last summer and
is currently mediating small claims cases in Harris County
courts. This summer, he is planning on studying abroad in
Malta, where he will take a class taught by Chief Justice John
Roberts, and hopes to finish his final semester of law school
this fall in Los Angeles.
Ryan Spencer
recently started
working with Texas Parks and Wildlife in Austin for a program
called Texas Outdoor Family. He leads outdoors trips for
families who have never been camping.
Craig Hill
graduated from Princeton University
in May, 2011 (B.A.). He is currently attending Columbia
University in New York City. Also, he was selected for
the Research Associates Program in Emergency Medicine
Research at New York-Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia
University Medical Center and Weill-Cornell). Congrats,
David Minich
writes, “I have been running
MAKE Eyewear (on-demand, 3D printed eyewear - www. for six months and the concept has really
taken off. I'm also co-founding a second company in the
education space with an Austrian friend of mine, and will be
moving to Silicon Valley this summer.” Keep up the good
work, David!
Ethan Anderson
is continuing to study Finance
at SMU. He is traveling through Russia and China this
summer to increase his international business prospective.
Kevin Barrett
will be graduating from Lehigh University
with a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science. He is
currently researching wetlands and will be moving back to
Texas in the summer.
Buck Bennett
will be graduating in
May from Duke University with a B.S.E. in biomedical
engineering with minors in chemistry and math. He will be
attending UT Southwestern Medical School next year.
Karthik Bhandari
is going to medical school at University
of Texas at Houston starting in the fall.
Mark Bond
graduated from the University of Texas in 2011 with a double
major in math and psychology. He is currently attending UT
graduate school pursuing a doctorate in Quantitative
Psychology, which involves using statistics to predict human
behavior. Right now he’s working as a teaching assistant and
as research assistant.
Elisabeth Bussey
is currently
playing Cis in the opera
Albert Herring
by Benjamin Britten at
Northwestern. She will then head to Austria to start working
for an international school and continue to study voice.
Anna Cargill
transferred to Tulane University and will
graduate from there in August with a vocal performance
degree and a business minor. She will be spending her
summer in Paris taking classes relevant to opera. Her plan is
to stay in New Orleans but eventually make it to New York to
pursue music.
Becca Cargill
is graduating in August with
a degree in apparel merchandising and a minor in business
administration. She will spend the summer interning in
Huntington Beach, California at Quiksilver as a buying
Derek Dunkel
is interning at Devon Energy in
Oklahoma City this summer and will finish up at Texas A&M
next May.
Brett Eliasen
will graduate in August with a B.A.
in history and political science. Then, he plans to get his
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
certification and teach English in Spain for an extended
period of time. Then hopefully he will come home to pursue
law school.
Lauren Grady
has been interning at the
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma as the Wish
Granting Intern since January. She takes care of all the
referrals, sends proper documentation to doctors and helps
plan wishes. They have offered her a summer internship
position so she will stay in Oklahoma City and continue her
work there.
Kelsey Horter
will graduate from Rice
University in May and start medical school in Houston in the
fall at Baylor College of Medicine.
Antonia Jacob
graduating from TCU this May, with Departmental Honors
and a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and History.
She will be starting her first year in medical school at UT
Southwestern in Dallas this upcoming August. Over the
summer she will be doing work on resistance to anti-
angiogenesis therapy in a lab at UT Southwestern, at the
Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology Research.
Elizabeth Jensen
is graduating from the College of
William and Mary this May as a biology major. In the fall she
will attend University of Texas Houston Medical School.
will graduate from the University of South Carolina in
May. He is currently interviewing at advertising agencies
around the southeast.
Rishika Kapoor
will be starting her
third year of dental school at Baylor College of Dentistry this
John Karakelle
will be graduating from Bentley
University in May with B.S. degrees in economics and
finance. He is also working on his masters in accountancy at
Bentley. He is currently an analyst at UBS Financial Services.
Ali Kimberling
will graduate from Baylor and be attending
the University of Houston Counseling Psychology Graduate
Program in the fall.
Kelly Kyle
is graduating from TCU in
May upon completion of her semester of student teaching.
She will attend graduate school at TCU starting in August to
receiver her masters in education.
Claire LaFontaine
be graduating from the University of Vermont in May with a
B.A. in biology and French and studio art minors. She will
then heading to New Orleans to pursue a career.
will graduate in May from St. Edward’s University
with a B.S. in political science. She plans to continue her work
as a member of the Development and Community Outreach
team for the Texas Civil Rights Project through the summer.
She was accepted to Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San
Diego and will be moving there in early September.
will graduate from Tulane this May with a B.A. in
English, Africa and African Diaspora Studies, and a business
minor. Next year she will attend graduate school at Tulane in
order to pursue her master’s degree in English. This spring/
summer she is very excited to be working as an assistant
producer for NPR in New Orleans.
Scott Miller
will be
working in Dallas for the Bank of Texas as a credit analyst in
their rotational program upon graduation from TCU in May.
Kevin Mitchell
graduated this past December with a
Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas and was a
government/history double major. He was just accepted into
University of Houston Law School and will most likely attend
there in the fall.
Colleen Murphy
is graduating summa
cum laude from Tulane with a B.A. in political science in May.
This past summer she interned at the Democratic Senatorial
Campaign Committee and is looking to work on a senate
campaign before applying to law school next year.
will graduate in May and join Teach for America in
Tulsa, Oklahoma as a high school science teacher.
graduated in January 2011 with honors from
NYU. She is currently finishing up her first year at Baylor Law
Kelsey Pfleger
is graduating with honors from
Wellesley College with a B.A. in political science and
philosophy. In the fall she is moving to Austin to attend UT
Paul Rajan
plans to pursue a PHD in neuroscience
upon graduation from UT.
Sarah Rubin
will start her
career working at a healthcare policy research firm called
L&M Policy Research in Washington D.C. this summer.
Meredith Rutledge
graduated in December 2011 with a
B.A. in Music from William and Mary while studying jazz and
classical piano. She began a nursing program at Texas
Woman’s University in Houston this January. Her plan is to
graduate in December 2013 with a BSN and to be a nurse.
Robert Snider
will graduate from TCU in May. He is
getting his real estate license and is currently interviewing with
several large commercial real estate firms. He plans to spend
part of his summer in France.
Bob Streck
is going to be
attending medical school at the University of Texas Health
Science Center in San Antonio in the fall.
Bethany Suba
Kelly is on staff with Mercy Heart, still doing reentry ministry
but working with churches to start support groups for the
families of prisoners and the inmate after release. The
Purselleys have way too many animals for the city and long
to move back to the country, but they are settled in Hurst
and really enjoy their community and church family. Kelly
is actively involved with community missions at her church
and may get to go to Africa this summer on a mission trip.
Morgan went on her first mission trip over spring break
and she discovered her servant’s heart. Rob is now at
Riverside Middle School, still a school resource officer. He
is finishing his 20th year on the police force and looking
forward to retirement and doing something else.
took a new job at Symantec as a director of
change management for finance, was recently initiated into
the priesthood of the Yoruban Ifa tradition, and got a new
puppy named Lavender! As for me,
Stefanie Cooper
, the Toppel clan is well and we eagerly await
Steve's return from his 13-month mobilization (US Navy
Reserves) to Afghanistan. We enjoyed a two-week visit in
December; now it's hard to believe we are counting down
to his final return in May! Keeping up with Mandy (10),
Sammie (8) and our big Dobie Roo certainly has made the
time pass quickly.
Ann James
, my birthday twin, checked in
recently. “I am in Shanghai at present teaching English for
the Walt Disney Corporation. It is an exciting venture and I
am learning a bit of Mandarin along the way. In addition, I
am in talks with an expat theatre company to become their
new artistic director. My directorial debut will be one of
Tennessee Williams’ plays. I will know more about it for the
next newsletter.” So, watch this space.
Susan Parrish
writes, “All is well here on the other side of the world
in Sydney, Australia. We have settled into a suburb on the
Northern Beaches called Balgowlah in New South Wales.
We are 3km from Manly Beach on the Tasman Sea. I am
volunteering at my daughter's school 3-4 days a week in
the Canteen [the building responsible for cooking hot meals
for children who order them each morning, selling snacks
and drinks during morning tea time and during lunch].”
Just so you’re not fooled into thinking she’s completely
altruistic, she admits, “I originally volunteered for this group
because it was the only building on the campus with an air
conditioner but I've come to enjoy it.” She welcomes care
packages: “The transition has been smooth but it is the little
things we are missing: grape jelly, Crest toothpaste, Crystal
Light (or any sugar-free flavored drink mix for that matter,)
diet Mountain Dew, Pop Tarts, etc.” And, finally, she invites
all of us to visit her web page (
for the latest Down Under. Finally,
Sallie McIlheran
, with whom I was able to visit over coffee when
she and Johannes were here around the holidays, is joining
the Fort Worth Sister Cities delegation in Guijang (south
China) for an official ceremony. She will represent Fort
Worth as an artist (living in Germany), and will present
our new sister city with a small oil painting for their civic
collection. What a neat opportunity for Sallie, and what an
honor. Mark your calendars for Sallie’s solo showing at the
Norwood Flynn Gallery in Dallas on November 10th, 2012.
She would love to see any of us there (and she would love it
even more if some of us bought some of her art!).
See for a preview.
Condolences to
Carla Finch Banks
on the
loss of her father in February.
Monty Moncrief
“We put Everett (then nearly 3) on skis for the first time
in March. Casper (16 months) loved sledding and looks
forward to skiing in a year or two. We are building a house
in Fort Worth and hope to move in by fall.” Let’s hope
they have the entertaining itch and want to have the Class
of 1989 over to christen the new digs.
Clare Pritchett
shares, “I married
Bill Lorimer ’95
(yes, he’s younger!)
on April 14 and gained two precious children at the same
time: daughter Lanie (6) and son Wish (10). We’re excited
about our new adventure!” Congrats to Clare and Billy!
Elle Travis
lives in Paris, France and teaches
French and English to immigrants and adolescents from
rough neighborhoods. Reports Elle, “It's a fascinating
experience. I never meet anyone like me. I'm currently
training for a biking trip to Mallorca. I'm hitting the gym
several times a week.”
John Pritchett
announces the following: “There
is much news in the house. Paige, newly minted big sister
Lillian, and I welcomed John Murrin on March 22. I am
opening a new office downtown. And we are very excited
to add Uncle Billy to the family.” Congrats to the Pritchetts!
If you are looking for some good music,
Glynnis Robbins Farmwald
’s “Foolishness and
Fainting" is available on iTunes as well as
cd/glynnisfarmwald. It's a collection of her original music,
a bit eclectic in nature, but may be best described as a
mix of celtic and American roots music with some Eastern
influences. Also, Glynnis is staying even busier with the birth
of her third baby, Ayla Joy Farmwald. Glynnis reports that
her kids, Asher and Josie, love their baby sister and that
they are building an addition on their home to make room
for their expanding family.
Shane Moore
reports that
they were blessed with twin girls a couple of years ago.
Ashlee and Brooke turned 2 in January.
Megan Flowers
meanwhile was training hard as she fulfilled her
lifetime dream. Nearly 20 years ago, for our senior class
predictions, classmates predicted that Megan would be the
“first” to go to the Olympics. Megan never forgot that and
said that while she didn’t get to “the Games,” a GREAT
second was competing in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials
in Houston. It was a dream come true for Megan, when
hope had been long lost. Megan said the best was saved
for last even running her personal best! She will never
forget the crowd, the anthem, the flags flanking the streets,
the best marathoners in the U.S. – and there was Megan
making so many of her classmates, friends and family so
proud. And as for me (
Melissa Minker Miller
), my
husband and I are having a ball with our son, Jake (age
4) and daughter, Claire (age 1). I just celebrated my 10th
year working for Jim Nantz of CBS Sports. Beyond the Final
Four and other incredible memories, the most important
work I have focused on while working with Jim Nantz was
the launch of the Nantz National Alzheimer Center in
Houston, Texas ( We are a national
research center and Jim has made a lifetime commitment
to find a cure for this dreadful disease. Also, speaking of
important jobs – I have been planning our 20-year reunion
too – wow – time flies! Almost everyone is now on our email
distribution list and should have the tentative schedule for
October 5 & 6, 2012. If you haven’t received the emails,
please email me at
Andy Pritchett
and wife Adrian welcomed
Dylan Malouf to the family on April 9. Dylan joins brother
Drew, 14 months, and sister Maddie, 11. Great news,
Winfield Crumley
is living in Fort Worth. He
and his wife welcomed their son James Arthur Crumley
(Jac) in June, 2011.
Jennifer Harwell Dempsey
husband welcomed a new son, Will Rogers Dempsey, on
January 24, 2012. Their daughter Eva, now two and a half,
enjoys being a big sister.
Michelle Berger Duncan
been living in Houston with her husband Brian for the past
nine years. They have two kids, Margaret (three and half
years) and Benjamin (19 months), and Michelle is expecting
number three in May. She works from home part-time
doing IT consulting.
John Elliott
and wife Carol spend
most of their time with their new daughter, Adelaide (6
Justin Jeter
co-founded a company called the
SPARX Group, is living in Los Angeles and is engaged to
Jamie Alexander.
Jennifer Andrews Moore
, husband
Joel and kids are still living in Houston.
Judd Pritchard
joined the firm of Barlow, Garsek & Simon, LLP and still lives
in Fort Worth with wife, Jacque, and son Jack (21 months).
Justin Toal
is the Managing Principal Partner and CIO
of the Fifteen Group located in Miami, Florida. He is
engaged to Leigh Esposito.
Brandi Barrett Wubbena
welcomed a daughter, Lark Sinclair, on August 18, 2011.
Drew Zerdecki
is practicing with an intellectual property
firm in Austin. And I,
Markus Kypreos
, am still practicing
law in Fort Worth and spend a lot of my free time preparing
my 14 month old, Nikole, for her TVS kindergarten entrance
exam which is only a few years away.
Hearty congratulations to Kristen and
on the arrival of their son, Miles Dawit
McDonald. Miles was born on November 10, 2010 in
Gondar, Ethiopia. Kristen and Coleman brought him
home to Arizona from the Gladney foster care center in
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thanksgiving, 2011. They are
delighted to be a family!
Blake Billman
and his wife, Melissa, currently
live outside of Austin. Their five-year-old son, Parker, will
be starting kindergarten in the fall. Melissa is working
for the energy division of a VC firm and is active in the
Junior League and the Women’s Symphony League. Blake
is working in the investment division of Wells Fargo as
a financial advisor/investment manager and still races
sailboats on a semi-professional basis.
Kelly Fanning
completed her MBA with a concentration in Marketing from
Northeastern University in January.
Frank Hill
is also
living in Austin. He has been enjoying some rain in the hill
country and SXSW. He’s still playing music and golfing while
From the class of 1985 continued: Elizabeth Perez Azerad. Olivia Rosato. Toppel family. From the class of 1989: Clare Pritchett and Billy Lorimer. Monty
Moncrief with Everett and Casper.